On average, Canadians utilize as much as 75 liters of hot water every day in their homes to accomplish various tasks. These can include laundry, washing dishes, and addressing issues of personal hygiene. Such an expenditure equates to an incredible 17 percent of the total energy consumption of a property. This is the main reason why choosing the most appropriate water heater is important.

Energy Compliance Issues

Most manufacturers are now motivated to meet the consumption requirements set out by the Canadian government. The exact stipulations will differ and there are three separate categories:
Gas heaters
Oil-fired heaters
Electric heaters

No longer will outdated models be able to provide the levels of efficiency encouraged by the government. This is the primary reason why many Spruce Grove heating and plumbing specialists will choose trusted appliances, particularly those compliant with the Energy StarĀ® rating system.

The “Second Price Tag”

This concept is another way of pointing out that the cost of Edmonton heating goes far beyond the initial price tag of the new unit. The cost of operating the heater over its lifetime plays a crucial role. Units that are less efficient force consumers to pay a great deal of money over time. This figure can far exceed the initial price. In a very real way, money is being poured down the drain.

Measuring Efficiency

The levels of efficiency are based on the type of water heater. Oil and gas-fired heaters are associated an “EF” rating. Higher EF values equate to greater efficiency. Electrical units instead address what is known as “standby loss” (in watts). The lower the loss, the higher the efficiency.

It can be difficult to understand these concepts in detail, especially when choosing a new water heater. The best option is to consult with a team of trained plumbing and heating specialist such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. The technicians will quickly be able to determine the best type for a specific home.

The experts can likewise highlight the most efficient systems as well as the associated benefits. The concept of water heating should always be taken seriously. With a bit of insight and clarity, much of the guesswork can be eliminated.