The key to a comfortable home is an efficient heating system. As long as the furnace is running smoothly, you don’t have to worry about it swallowing huge amounts of energy or endangering your family with reduced air quality inside your home. While your system can last for many years, wear and tear—if not damage—will eventually render it inoperable. To maximize its service life, you must maintain vigilance of its operation and its parts.

Once you notice something wrong with the furnace, you need to act immediately in addressing the issue. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot on repairs and putting your family’s health at risk. Depend on the following signs to tell you when it’s time to invest in a furnace replacement for your Edmonton abode.

Old Age

On average, furnaces last between 16 and 20 years. Therefore, an easy way to determine whether it’s time to shop for a furnace is to know the age of your existing system. If it contains a pilot light, it’s most likely bumping or exceeding 25 years of life and is more than ready to be retired. You can’t rush into a replacement, however. Allot yourself enough time to weigh all the considerations required before purchasing a new unit. A panicked purchase can lead to trouble. Avoid a harried decision by planning ahead of time based on the age of your furnace.

Increasing Electric Bills

Inefficient furnaces can increase your electric bill because they must work harder to generate the heat your home needs. Inefficient operation is usually caused by old age and the lack of maintenance. If you notice your bill rising, even if you’re using the same amount of heat as before, then something could be wrong with the furnace. The money you spend on wasted electricity from a malfunctioning furnace can actually buy you a new furnace, making this a wiser move.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

When the heat exchanger inside the furnace cracks, carbon monoxide can seep out and affect your home’s indoor air quality. This is dangerous to the health of everyone living in the house. Flu-like symptoms, a burning feeling in the eyes and nose, and frequent headaches among family members may be a sign that the furnace is breaking down. This shouldn’t be ignored. You need to call a professional technician right away to determine whether the furnace is responsible for all the illnesses.

You should always keep your eyes open for these signs. This will help you take action before the problem worsens. A regular inspection by a professional can also ensure that your furnace is always in good condition.