Out of all the places in your home, your toilet is the most used element. Proper care needs to be taken of the toilet and different factors have to be considered before asking your home plumbing company to put one up for you.

Once the wrong toilet is in place, any regrets will follow you every time nature calls. So it is necessary to make the right decision considering the comfort of all your family members, including the adults who are the most troubled by the design of toilet seats. There are various types of toilets that you can fix in your washroom. Here are some:

1) Two-Piece Toilets

The general toilet design used in Canadian homes is the two-piece toilet. In this design, the flush tank and the bowl is manufactured separately and are attached later or while its installation in your home. Maintaining your toilet , if you have a two-piece, is easier.

But not as easy as maintaining a one-piece toilet seat. If you have the elderly living with you, you would probably want to choose the two-piece design that supports the comfort level of the elders. The height of this unit makes it easier for an adult to do his business and get up without a struggle. 

2) One-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets serve the same purpose as their two-piece variant. The difference between one-piece toilets and two-piece toilet is the design where the whole toilet is constructed out of the same piece of ceramic and are undetachable.

Once the unit is installed by your home plumbing company, it has the same functioning as a two-piece. One-piece toilets remain closer to the ground and can be a trouble if you have the elderly in your home. While expensive, the one-piece toilets are durable and ideal for bathrooms with smaller spaces.

3) Wall-Hung Toilets

If you’re running low on space trying to put in all the accessories of your dream bathroom, you would want to go for the wall-hung toilets that reduce space consumption. These toilets are fixated to a wall in the bathroom while the flush tanks are placed inside the same wall. This is the reason that wall-hung toilets have modern designs.

Along with saving space, these toilets are convenient in placement. You can decide the height at which you want to place the bowl and it can be placed anywhere you want it. Just ask your home plumbing service to keep the unit near a water source of your choice.

Adjusting with toilet designs is acceptable when you are far from home and traveling. But when it comes to the toilet in your home, you always want the best so you can have a sense of comfort in the place called home. Contact home plumbing services in Edmonton if you are renovating a toilet or just need a replacement for your uncomfortable toilet seat.