There are plenty of reasons why anybody would want to move to and live in Edmonton, Alberta. For one thing, its culture is highly diversified. Furthermore, the city is rife with affordable and charming old houses for sale. However, like any other residential community, Edmonton tends to experience persistent plumbing problems, some which leave you wishing for the best plumber in Edmonton to meliorate the crisis.

Indeed, veteran Edmonton homeowners are probably no strangers to one of the following plumbing catastrophes.

Bursting Pipes

If you have a thing for quaint, old houses, then Edmonton is your paradise. The city touts a proud architectural heritage unlike anywhere else. Unfortunately, its old houses, particularly the ones that were built before 1960, are prone to rusting pipes. Copper and galvanized steel dominated plumbing systems in the 1950s and 1960s. Like ticking bombs just waiting to explode and flood your beloved house, pipes made of these materials attrition with each day’s use.

Frozen Pipes

It’s almost always sunny in Edmonton, except when it is winter. Then you have to brace yourself for extremely cold weather. Predictably, the cold weather can also impact your household pipes. It doesn’t matter whether your house’s piping is ancient or newly installed.

If it is located anywhere near outside walls, crawl spaces, attics, and basements, or is exposed to the elements, then the Edmonton freeze will eventually clog your pipes until they burst.
Moreover, a frozen pipe can also discharge discolored and smelly water, resulting from the effects of freezing on your sewage system.

Broken-Down Pipes

There’s no single reason why you might be experiencing broken pipes. It might be the result of the age of your pipes. It can also be caused by improper installation or inadvertent damage during a recent renovation. Whatever the reason, broken pipes can pose huge ramifications to your walls, ceilings, and floors when they result in water leaks. Frozen pipes can also produce irregular water flow and funny, clanging, downright haunting noises every time you turn on the faucet.

The only solution to these three problems is to call an expert plumber to fix or totally change your system. Only a skilled and experienced plumber can totally replace your old pipes with new, more resilient ones. They can also give you some helpful tips on how to avoid frozen pipes frozen and detect potential disasters.
Your quality of indoor life in Edmonton is only as good as your pipes and your plumber’s.