The Canadian winter is a bundle of blizzards, frozen pipes, and everything in between. The local residents are well-aware of the nuisance the winter can be, and this goes up a notch if there is no hot water in the household. Capital Plumbing has compiled a list of options that you can consider for water heating in Canada’s arduous winter.  

Storage-Tank Heaters 

Traditional storage-tank heaters are widely installed and used by most of the population. These tanks have a storage capacity ranging from 30 to 75 gallons of water. Some modern designs are made of stainless steel, which makes it the best choice for high mineral water. In case you are reluctant to fit in the storage-tank heaters yourself, you can always call a local plumber for help.  

Tankless Water Heaters 

Let’s have a look at some of the latest heaters that have a bit more style and finesses. These smaller tankless water heaters are easier to fit inside your home. They come in both electricity and gas-run types. They immediately heat the water as it passes through the pipes without using any external tank to store it. Since there is no need for reheating, your electricity bills will significantly decline, but the high initial cost might have you breaking the bank. 

Hybrid Heaters 

Hybrid heaters are also widely available and sold across the market. They use a hybrid technology with heat pumps. The pumps extract heat from the air to warm the water stored in the tanks. They also use less energy and have lower operating costs than tankless heaters. However, they are less space-friendly and require a big place to be installed. An emergency plumber from Capital Plumbing is just a call away if you need any help with the setup.  

Solar Heater 

Solar heaters are very efficient and environment-friendly. However, these are not the best options for winter, as the cold can limit its functioning. As the winters are busy with the holiday season, you will need an efficient water heater to get through them. You can also call a local plumber to ask for advice. 

If you require any help with water heating, Capital Plumbing and Heating has professionals that you can reach 24/7.