When talking about plumbing problems in the home, most homeowners think about the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and toilet. What they don’t remember is that the bathtub is just as important. The tub in your bathroom can experience the same drainage problem as the rest of the plumbing in the home.

A tub has drain and sewer pipes that connect to the septic or sewer system. There is also a U-shaped pipe that prevents the sucking back of sewer gases into the home. In situations where this drainage system starts acting up, the services of plumbing experts in Edmonton will come in handy.

Clogged Drains

The bathtub drain contains a small crack that may allow small items like hair and soap scum to make their way through. After an extended period without drain cleaning, the debris will cause a blockage in the trap or branch drain. One way to prevent the accumulation of gunk in the drain pipes is to clean it regularly. A straightened coat hanger or a plunger can facilitate simple drain cleaning.

However, drain cleaning with appropriate chemicals is necessary several times a year, and Edmonton plumbing companies can provide it. Professional help is needed because you may not know the types of cleaners that are suitable for bathtub drain cleaning. Some cleaners may end up damaging the pipes and can mess up the chemical composition of the septic system.

Faulty Parts

Ineffective bathtub stoppers can be the cause of bathtub drainage problems. The role of a stopper is to seal the bathtub so that it can retain water. If the stopper is lined with debris, hair, and soap scum, then it will not seal the bathtub properly, making it a nuisance to use. Bathtub stoppers can also suffer wear and tear after continued use for a long time.

Edmonton plumbing professionals can provide replacement stoppers. The material and type of stopper will determine how effective it is as a seal. Another component that may fail is the overflow tubing system and that will hinder water from draining through the stopper. If that is the case, then call plumbing experts to replace the system.

Plumbers can also help when there is a blockage in the waste-vent system that can cause backing up in the bathtub drain. It is possible that backing up in other fixtures along a home’s main plumbing is the reason for the tub drainage problem.