The end of the Second World War was characterized by rapid industrialization that resulted in the introduction of various exciting plumbing materials. One such product that Canadian homeowners used was the Orangeburg pipes, which were made of wood pulp that was sealed with hot pitch.

The principal motivation behind the use of coal tar-impregnated wood fiber was its non-corrosive nature. Also, a lot of metal was used in making ammunition and warcraft, which meant that alternative materials had to be used in plumbing.

However, the problems that have resulted from the installation of cardboard pipes have left many homeowners and Edmonton plumbers in awe. The following are the top 3 reasons why homeowners are now replacing these types of pipes with modern alternatives, particularly if the house is old.

sewer pipe expertPoor Service Life
The structural integrity of the pipes was originally thought to last 50 years. In some instances, though, these pipes have failed in as little as 10, resulting in collapsed pipes that almost flatten or take oval shapes. When this happens, the pipes weaken and allow plant roots to rapture through. If your home has cardboard pipes in its yard, you will spend a lot because such roots will cause frequent drain clogs. Worse still, plumbers who have to clear the clogs encounter difficulties because the pipes tear apart easily, making a pipe replacement the only viable solution.

Inherent Weaknesses
Another cause for the poor performance of the pipe is the weight of the soil above it. Over time, the pipe gives in due to the weight, causing blockages and leakages. The fact that pipes don’t hold up well is a major concern, too, since their connections to hot water sources such as dishwashers degrade rapidly. Detergents and moisture are also top causes of the rapid deterioration of these types of pipes.

Addressing the Problem
As a homeowner, you need to establish the date that your house was constructed as buildings that were erected between 1945 and 1972 are at the most risk. If your neighbors have Orangeburg pipes in their plumbing systems, there is a high likelihood that your home has them too. A plumbing inspection is, however, essential since expert Stony Plain plumbers like Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can identify the damaged sections that need fixing.