Are you a homeowner or a business guru in need of plumbing services? Plumbing practice in Edmonton, Canada to a larger extent has been present for centuries. It means that most plumber has sharpened their techniques in this area. Today, new tools, products, and technology are continually being introduced in the already advanced plumbing technology.

Calling in licensed plumber services in Edmonton will result in thorough inspections of all your plumbing HVAC systems. Carrying out routine maintenance on your systems keeps them running smoothly. More so, you will avoid unexpected and costly repairs. Let’s look at some of the major inspections that these experts cover.

Water Heaters

Just like other mechanical systems, your plumbing appliances have to get the attention they need. Routine inspections and maintenance are steps you cannot skip if you want them to serve you for a reasonable period. A water heater is likely to be one of the appliances that many people ignore. Most of them realise the importance of regular maintenance after their heaters break down, and they have to take cold showers.

Note that a well-maintained water heater lasts long and uses little energy. To keep the water heater in your business or home in operation; an experienced Edmonton plumber should inspect the pressure relief valve and get rid of all sediments by draining its tank. Once the expert drains it, they then proceed to check if there is rust, corrosion or wear in the reservoir and its connections. If necessary, the anode rods and other critical parts get replaced.

Showers, Sinks, and Tubs Fixtures

Many people think that plumbing fixtures refer to faucets. But; a plumbing fixture stands for any device connected to a plumbing system. The device has to interact with water. Usually, plumbers restore water supply valves on all suppliers leading to these fixtures. The water supply can be cold, but you can find both cold and hot water alternatives.

Leaks and drainage problems are very common in plumbing fixtures. Corrosive particles or mineral deposits that limit water flow are also very common. If you maintain a regular inspection schedule, it is easy to prevent these problems in good time. If left unattended, you will have to deal with costly repairs.


In any home or business, there probably can’t be a more frustrating situation than a drain back up. If you have a clogged lavatory, this is something you can’t ignore or else you will experience an overflow of water. Some people depend on amateur methods like using plungers to unclog their toilets. This method is obstructive and short-lived, and will only contribute to problems later.

Always call a professional plumber to work on your clogged toilet. If you notice slow draining, that could be an indication of sewer line problems. Corrosion, tree roots and other factors can quickly damage these lines. An experienced plumbing specialist can help determine if there is a major problem with your toilet or not.