Exploring air conditioning options is a fantastic idea, especially if you live in Edmonton. You need the guidance of a plumbing and HVAC expert, such as Capital Plumbing & Heating, to fully understand how air conditioning systems work and what benefits they can offer your home.

How Do Air Conditioning Systems Work?

Air conditioning systems work to cool down the air in your home. They do so by taking in hot air and using special chemicals to trap that heat and then release it outside before pumping the newly cooled air back into your home. Air conditioners are usually composed of three sections. The first part is a compressor, the second is a condenser, and the third is an evaporator.

The special chemicals that AC systems contain are used because they are able to convert rapidly from liquid form to gas, and back again from gas to liquid. This process enables them to trap heat from the air in your home and then expel that heat into the world outside. Air conditioning systems can also sometimes be fitted with so-called air scrubbers, which remove harmful gases, bacteria, dust particles, and mold spores from the air in your home, reducing the risks of respiratory illness. These air scrubbers usually contain a variety of filters to remove various substances from the air.

What Are the Main Benefits of Air Conditioning Systems?

In the hot summer months, the heat can be dangerous, particularly for the elderly and young children. So, an AC system is a great way of preventing heat from affecting your health negatively. Moreover, it can be hard to sleep in the heat and you can get very dehydrated, no matter what your age.

An air conditioning system will not only help you get a good night’s sleep even in hot weather but also help you stay fresh and alert. In addition, air conditioning systems that are fitted with air scrubbers will help reduce everything from momentary respiratory irritation to serious conditions such as asthma attacks, simply by removing harmful substances from the air that you breathe.