Winters are the most amazing time of the year. However, the one thing that spoils a perfect winter evening is when the furnace stops working. You may notice that the furnace’s fan is running at its usual speed, but the furnace is not blowing any hot air in your direction. Here is how you can fix this problem.

Turn On The Gas

Sometimes the solution to a heating problem is simple. The gas can turn off due to maintenance issues or changing the position of the furnace from its original location. People often forget to turn on the gas valve after turning it off. If you don’t know the location of the gas valve, just trace the gas line from the furnace to the metre. You will see a handle placed in a perpendicular position. Turn the handle or valve until it’s parallel to the gas line. Wait a few minutes and check if the furnace is blowing hot air. 

Clean The Chimney Flue

Forgetting to clean our chimneys occasionally happens to the best of us. As a result, the exhaust flue of the chimney can become dirty. No need to worry. Cleaning a chimney exhaust flue is easy. Just turn off the furnace and set the thermostat at its lowest setting. 

Remove the ductwork from the furnace carefully. Keep the furnace manual by your side as you try to fix the problem. Clean out the debris, dust or other foreign material from the duct and reassemble it with the furnace. Make sure you put everything in its proper place to avoid any problems. To avoid a mess, you can also call an emergency plumber from Capital Plumbing & Heating.

Check The Drains

The drain pipes from a furnace exit a lot of water every day. This excessive pressure on the drain lines may cause damage over time. Check to see if the drains have any residual water left. Clean the drain and remove the clogs. 

Once the drain is clean, fix it in the furnace. Check to see whether the furnace is blowing hot air or not. If you can feel the warm air, sit back and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of your home. If cleaning the drain doesn’t work, you can rely on a local plumber from Capital Plumbing to fix the problem. 

Need More Help?

Sometimes DIY methods do not have the impact you desire. So if the given methods don’t work, you don’t need to worry or panic. There is always an emergency plumber ready to help you out.  Capital Plumbing and Heating will send a professional to fix the heat issues in your furnace in a flash.