Summer is almost here, and with it, the heat. During these months, you will want your home to be cool and comfortable, isolated from the heat outside, especially during the afternoons. The last thing you want, then, is to flip the switch and find that your air conditioner is not working.

Hence, to ensure your comfort, your air conditioner needs to be ready to serve you efficiently so that it doesn’t let you down in the coming months. Here are some tips on checking your air conditioner to see if it’s ready for the summer.

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

The easiest (and perhaps the most important) thing to do to prepare your air conditioner for summer is to check the air filters. They are usually located in the furnace or air-handler cabinet. You need to clean them and see if they are clogged in any way as clogs can restrict airflow. If you notice a significant clog, then you should replace the filters.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located outdoors, in the big box with sides that look like grilles. The fan pushes the air through them, so if they are clogged due to dirt, leaves, or debris, it can severely hamper the air conditioner’s performance. To clean the coils, you first have to remove the panels using a screwdriver, then lift the top off.

Then, you need to use a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner and gently clean the coils from the outside of the unit. The fins are delicate, so be careful while cleaning them. However, if there is any stubborn debris, then it is best to contact a professional air conditioning service provider, or you risk damaging the delicate coils.

Check the Coolant Lines

The coolant lines run from the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser system outside your home. These lines are typically covered with foam coolant insulation to prevent energy losses. You need to check if the insulation is frayed, missing, or broken. You should also check for any cracks in the lines if you can. 

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

Lastly, if you have an older air conditioner, then you should check the thermostat and consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. They can be programmed to run the air conditioner at specific temperatures during specific hours of the day, and they can save a lot of energy in the long run that can save you a lot of money too. 

Have it Professionally Inspected

Inspecting your air conditioner yourself can be time-consuming and often tricky, especially when you have to check and clean the delicate or hard-to-reach parts of your air conditioner. Thus, it is best to contact a professional air conditioning service provider to have your air conditioner inspected.

They are trained, and they can clear out any impending problems, ensuring that your air conditioner runs efficiently. This is particularly important if you have an old air conditioner that is susceptible to failure in the future.

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