While it is known that winters can be extreme in Alberta, the summers may be just as unbearable, too. Humid days prevent people from venturing outdoors, and they often seek refuge in the cooling comforts of their home AC systems. As reported by Statistics Canada, residents in this province maintain the right level of comfort in their abodes by installing central air conditioning units, having fans around the house, or keeping their windows and drapes closed during summer.

Having a reliable AC system at home entails maintenance and wise usage on everyone’s part. There are recommended ways to operate air conditioning units without excessively impacting the environment or consuming too much energy. Knowing about such aspects of your AC units will help you choose a type that will serve your home for many years to come.

Features to Keep an Eye on

For homes in cities like Stony Plain, air conditioning units come in various types. The most popular is the central AC, which requires a series of ducts to distribute cooled air throughout the home. The easier-to-manage types of systems consist of room air conditioners, and these are designed to focus on specific rooms only. They can either be window or wall-mounted, and they require less energy to operate.

When choosing a new AC model to install in your residence, consider the brands that come with high EER or energy efficiency ratings. By government regulations, these appliances should conform to standards that indicate that they are ideal for home use and that they cost less to keep a home cool. Professionals who install air conditioning units can tell you more about the benefits of EnergyStar ratings and EER levels.

Tell-Tale Signs of AC Trouble

If you’ve already switched on your air conditioning unit, but feel no improvement in temperature, then there may be an issue with the refrigerant. A damaged or improperly installed duct may leak, preventing an efficient cooling performance from your AC.

At times, you may feel the air blowing out from your vents, but they are not cool at all. The issue may be saturated filters or dirty condensers and coils. If they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, they can cause your AC system to work double time, thus using up more energy as it tries to cool your home.

Homeowners who are not familiar with the maintenance aspect of air conditioning units, they shouldn’t attempt the repair themselves. Seek the services of AC installation and repair specialists, and they will promptly work to get your system up and running again.