Basements are vulnerable to flooding. It can occur anytime during the rainy season or when snow starts melting rapidly. The reasons for basement flooding are many, and knowing the causes of the issue can help you determine the type of solution you need to fix it. So let’s explore some of the most common causes of basement flooding to take necessary precautions.

Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump helps to prevent water from collecting under the foundation. When the groundwater level is high around the foundation, it affects the foundations. There are channels around the foundation walls that direct water into a water-collecting sump basin, where the pump pushes the water away from your home. If the pump does not function properly or fails to operate, then the groundwater level around the foundation will rise eventually, thus flooding the basement. If your sump pump malfunctions, make sure to contact emergency plumbing services for immediate assistance.

Weeping Tile Failure

When your sump pump pit has a build-up of sediments and pea gravel, it is an indication that the Weeping tile is damaged. The purpose of the Weeping tile is to allow water to channel into the soil outside the foundation and guide the water into the sump basin and eject it with a sump pump. When the weeping tile fails, it fills the basin with mud, sand, or gravel in the basin, thus affecting the sump pump to dysfunction. Therefore, any delayed repair in tile failure can eventually lead to water seepage and costly damage to the basement.

Water Supply Failure

In most cases, water mains are located under the basements and branch off to other areas in your house. A water main can break due to various reasons such as shifting of the ground, pipe materials, amount of corrosion accumulated, etc. Any issue with the water supply line can cause significant water damage in your basement causing basement flooding. If you notice any leakage in your basement, it is required for you to call professional emergency services to fix the basement flooding issue before it turns into significant damage in your basement.

Blocked or Failed Sanitary Lateral

When the sewer system is blocked with wastewater or stormwater, it causes a backup into your home through the toilets, sinks, or floor drains. The sanitary Sewer can degrade over time and may need frequent maintenance. If you don’t want the sewage water to flood your basement and create sewage backup, ask for the assistance of the experts providing professional emergency plumbing services, to provide you with a proper sewage system.

It’s never too late to fix any problem. The good news is that you can recover from basement flooding issues if you choose the right emergency plumbing services, to prevent any devastating loss from happening.