An air conditioner is like many of the appliances in your home and requires just as much care. Just like the other appliances in your home, the air conditioner also requires proper care and maintenance. Not because an AC has a longer lifespan than most of the home appliances, it would mean you should be complacent in providing maintenance services.

Skimping on servicing will cause an AC unit to operate inefficiently, resulting in higher electric bills and insufficient cooling. You can avoid all that hassle, though, by taking care of some of the basic maintenance of an air conditioner and then hire experts in air conditioning from Edmonton to handle the more complicated aspects.

Here are a few guidelines that can help when determining if a maintenance is required..

conduct maintenance

Opportune Times

The type of system will determine the frequency of checkups and maintenance. If you are using a cooling system only, then the best time is just before the cooling season. For a cooling and heating system, check it in spring and fall. Some of the inspections required can be done monthly, while for others, annually. However, during seasons where debris is plenty like in spring, fall and summer, clean the unit weekly.


Filter checks should be monthly, but you can replace them after three. The monthly inspections are to tell you if the filters are too dirty to wait until scheduled replacement. For a home that has pets, it may be necessary to get new filters every month. The same goes for a household with occupants who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma. Another check to conduct every month is the insulation in refrigerant pipes. If it’s not in good condition, then get professional service providers for air conditioners from Edmonton, such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd., to fix it.


One of the yearly inspections that you or a contractor can handle is to replace the battery in the carbon monoxide detector. The condensate drain in an air conditioner requires cleaning at least once in a year. If you don’t know the best products or techniques to do it, get an AC contractor to take care of it. Annual checks should also include inspection of an AC positioning – it must be on level ground for efficient cooling.

When an air conditioning Edmonton contractor is conducting monthly or annual maintenance services, they will check the refrigerant level as well. A reduced coolant level will interfere with the efficiency of the unit.


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