The layers of snow that cover the houses in Canada paint a beautiful picture. However, what goes on under the snowy layers on the ground is anyone’s guess. Sump pumps can buckle under pressure due to the overwhelming amount of rainfall and snow Canada receives each year. Here is how you can maintain your sump pump.

Check the Sump Pump Back Up

The sump pump backup is a generator that provides 5-7 hours of continuous pumping and roughly 1-3 days of non-continuous pumping in case of a power outage. Check the battery of the backup generator and make sure it has enough battery acid. Don’t let the acid come in contact with your skin or it will burn. 

Just look at the level of the battery acid from the plastic cover. If you are afraid that you might ruin the backup, you can rely on a professional plumber in Edmonton from Capital Plumbing & Heating to help you out.

Testing The Sump Pump

If you want to check the efficiency of your sump pump, just take a five-gallon bucket. Fill it with water and pour it around the sump pump. Once the water overflows its limits, the sump pump will start working. 

If it doesn’t, then you might have a problem. The most common problem is a clog or blockage in the sump pump which stops it from redirecting extra water. 

Blocked Sump Pump

Most of the time a sump pump suffers from blockage because the water in the pipes freezes over. You can reduce the load on your sump pump by draining the pipes away from your home’s foundation. 

You will need to install an outdoor drainage system and reroute gutter drains towards a safe exit. An emergency plumber can help you release the extra pressure from the sump pump and install a new drainage system in no time.

Fixing A Sump Pump Pipe

Sometimes precautionary measures are not enough to stop the sump pump from freezing. In case of frozen sump pump lines, you need to turn off the power immediately. Check the discharge unit and remove any ice blocking the line. Heat the open end of the drain line until the ice clog starts to melt. 

Remove excessive water from the sump pit by using a bucket or a vacuum cleaner and disconnect the drain line. Pour hot water down the drain. When the drain unclogs, reconnect the line and connect the sum pump to the power supply.

Ask For Help

Sump pumps can block due to various reasons and cause flooding in your basement. Calling an emergency plumber from Capital Plumbing will not only resolve your plumbing problems but also reduce the chances of future flooding.